April 12, 2017

We have decided to make a monthly giveaway for your submissions of either images made with the ONDU or the actual camera in action. 

There are various ways you can participate in this monthly giveaway.

  • Send the image directly to our email: info[at]
  • Upload them to the FLICKR ONDU Pinhole Cameras group
  • Tag your images with #ondupinhole as well as our INSTAGRAM profile ( ondu_pinhole) 
  • Upload your image to Facebook and tag ONDU Facebook page in your image

At the end of every month we will choose one winner and send one ONDU Pinhole camera as a reward. The camera model will be decided in cooperation with the winner so that we don't end up with users that have identical cameras.

Models from 6x17 ONDURAMA and the Large formats are exempt from this competition.


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