• Imagine a camera that grows with you. The EIKAN is the realization of that concept. For years, I had been envisioning a design for a large format camera. However, I hesitated to bring it to life because it didn't offer any innovative solutions to the problems I wanted to address. That is, until I developed the modular system of the ONDU EIKAN Camera range.
          • ONDU EIKAN 4x10" Panoramikku - shares the same rear extension of the RANGE module with the addition of a new rear standard as well as a completely new bellows that fit the panoramic format. Weight of the camera is just under 2 kilos at 1970g. 

          • By purchasing this item you are PRE-ORDERING one unit with exepected shipping in September 2024
              • 96x99 Lensboard size
              • Foldable design for easy transport and storage with rear vertical vertical lock which when disabled allows for an extra 20° of rear tilt useful when shooting wide angle lenses.    
              • Compatible with standard sheet film holders
              • Permanent magnets for secure attachment of the bellows and back
              • Graflock compatible with Lomograflok, and other graflock backs
              • Ground glass with a ground glass protector
              • Premium anodized aluminum and walnut wood for durability and unmatched design
              • Front zeroing locks
              • Zeroing indication for the bottom of the front standard
              • Precise focusing system with micro linear rails 
              • Dimensions: 343x210x100mm (including knobs), actual body is 320mm x185mm
              • Weight: 1970g Panoramikku 4x10". Actual weights fluctuate 50g +/- due to the nature of materials used. ( final weight might vary by a slight margin as well due to possible future features of the camera. )
              • Max bellows draw 420mm
              • Possible to convert into a 4x5" camera with the RANGE add-on. ( available soon )
              • Handcrafted by ONDU in Slovenia out of European Walnut and cnc cut aircraft grade aluminium.


              • Max Front Rise/Fall: 42mm / 40mm
              • Max Front Shift: 20mm
              • Max Front Swing: +/- 45º
              • Rear Tilt: + / - 20º
              • Max Front Tilt: +/- 45º
          • Exposure card 

PANORAMIC Magic with the 4x10" Panoramikku