8x10" Giant Pinhole camera

          • The name of this beauty says it all, it is a GIANT camera compared to all the rest in the ONDU Pinhole camera range. It makes images 8x10” in size and has proven itself all over the world to be a sturdy and functional camera. With the comeback of direct positive photographic paper this is a great tool for those who want to see their pictures immediately and like the big size it produces. The GIANTS are laser numbered and there is only a limited quantity of these cameras available at this time.
          •  The camera has a fixed focal length of 126mm and a pretty wide angle of view of 100° which means that it will take some getting used to while framing your first shots. To make this easier we have engraved vertical and horizontal field of view engraving lines as well as two levelling bulbs again vertical and horizontal, the same goes for tripod mounts, one vertical one horizontal.

          • The camera comes supplied with a magnetic snap on filter holder which takes standard 58mm filters and works on all three positions. 

            We added two offset pinholes with an offset of 60mm for vertical and  50mm for horizontal positions. The 8x10”standard film back is secured to the camera via magnets and three wooden film retaining clips. All large formats are painted inside with a black matte acrylic paint and sealed with black flocking material to prevent any light leaks from entering the camera.

            1. Dimensions:(W) 145mm x (H) 298mm (L) 255mm
            2. Weight:1600g
            3. Focal length:126mm
            4. Pinhole diameter:0,45mm
            5. f stop equivalent:280
            6. The camera is shipped with a wooden exposure chart, a protective carry bag, magnetic filter holder and 8x10" film back retaining clips.
          • Exposure card


The camera is meticulously handcrafted out of walnut, maple and ash wood right in our workshop ensuring the best quality possible. With the blend of minimalisticand functional design paired with fine woodworking this camera will last for generations. Every camera is finished with two coats of natural oils with beeswax and buffed to achieve a perfect satin feel, which also protects the camera from the elements. 
The camera features two standard tripod mounts, horizontal and vertical field of view engraving lines for easier composition, two levelling bulbs and 8x10" film holder retaining clips.

Modular design made to grow with you!