A workshop on the sunny sides of Alps

ONDU is a family of creators making photographic instruments from premium natural materials at our workshop on the sunny side of Alps, Slovenia. We believe that there is a future in products that are made to last a lifetime. With the advent of cheap replaceable goods, there's much less real craftsmanship around these days. A product made by hands has a special kind of feel to it, combine that with natural materials you will surely feel all the thought and work that has gone into each and every ONDU camera.

Early beginnings

The company was started in 2012 first by building a range of wooden geodesic domes both for private and commercial use. The biggest most notable project resulted in the construction of the self sufficient Floating City on the Velenje lake in Velenje, Slovenia.  


Kickstarted the camera production

Soon after we took a break to focus on our true passion, photography. And so in 2013 we launched our first Kickstarter campaign the ONDU pinhole cameras - a camera that can be passed on for generations. More than one thousand early supporters gathered to make our dreams a reality and helped us move into a new workshop. It has since been equipped specifically for camera production an development of new photographic instruments. 


improvement and expansion of models

After generous feedback from the world pinhole community we launched the second campaign in 2015, the ONDU pinhole cameras MKII. These cameras are a great improvement and boast a range of features from field of view engraving lines to levelling bulbs as well as a smoother and ajdustable shutter. The construction methods were improved and all in all a simpler yet more versatile camera was made.



we take pride in what we make

The focus on design, ease of use, sustainability and high quality craftsmanship at every step of the camera creation process ensuring your camera will stand the test of time and capture memories for years to come! Our products are made using both traditional and modern manufacturing techniques with the majority of work still being done by skilled craftsman. The final product is a culmination of years of experience ensuring overall quality. We finish every product by hand to perfect every detail, and we take pride in what we make.