• A special rare camera which makes astonishing images that are 6x17 ( 56x168mm ) in size. This is a perfect camera for panoramic landscape or architecture shots but it’s also quite film hungry meaning you can make 4 images before you need to reload this camera for the next shoot. This hunger though doesn’t go without a reward, the images this beauty is able to produce will astound you! We have designed a special loading process for this camera since the film plane is curved. This is the only ONDU so far that features the curved film plane which helps to create images with less vigneting, and almost no perspective distortion when used horizontally. Tilting the camera up or down however will create wonderful horizon perspective distortions. 

             The loading process for the 6x17 ONDURAMA is done with the help of extra supplied magnet puller which is secured to the carry bag of every ONDURAMA. The loading instructions are explained clearly in the user manual which you can also download in the Manual & Exposure tab on this page.

             The 6x17 ONDURAMA is equipped with 18 magnets all together that hold the back and winding knobs in place as well as the shutter. On the back of the camera there are two red windows through which you can see the frame numbers while advancing the film to the next shot. The shutter works in tandem with the built in magnets and the stop pin meaning no more shaky exposures. 

            1. Dimensions:(W) 90mm x (H) 103mm (L) 200mm
            2. Weight:680g
            3. Focal length:70mm
            4. Pinhole diameter:0,3mm
            5. f stop equivalent:233
            6. The camera is shipped with a user manual, wooden exposure chart, a protective carry bag as well as an empty 120 film spool so you can load your camera immediately.
          • Manual & Exposure chart


The camera is meticulously handcrafted out of walnut, maple and ash wood right in our workshop ensuring the best quality possible. With the blend of minimalisticand functional design paired with fine woodworking this camera will last for generations. Every camera is finished with two coats of natural oils with beeswax and buffed to achieve a perfect satin feel, which also protects the camera from the elements. 
The camera features a standard tripod mount, horizontal and vertical field of view engraving lines for easier composition, direction of film winding engravings as well as a built in spirit levelling bulb.



Taking a photo with a pinhole or even being in front of it is an experience all together, these are the things that make an ordinary day extraordinary. When you see the picture, you relive every aspect of that day thanks to that moment you took time to capture some light!