• The ONDU 6x6 Pocket is one of the most sought after models, it’s a tiny camera given the fact that it uses 120 format film to expose an image. Just a fraction bigger than the 135 Pocket its still small and light enough to fit anywhere and weighs a mere 280g. Because of the larger film frame the images produced with this camera are of a slightly better quality than 135 cameras. On a regular 120 film you can make up to 12 exposures 56x56mm in size. The angle of view is quite wide and at 115° getting close to a subject as well as fitting everything in your frame has never been so easy.

        • This is a popular travel camera due to it's small size, especially for photographers who still like to shoot on 120 film and is suitable both for nature as well as urban shots.

        • The ONDU 6x6 Pocket is equipped with 16 magnets that hold the back and winding knobs in place as well as the new sliding shutter that was designed for shake free exposures as well as the ability to shoot pinholes with filters. There is also a red window shutter on the back of the camera through which you can see the frame numbers while advancing the film to the next shot.
        1. Dimensions:(W) 49mm x (H) 103mm (L) 139mm
        2. Weight:350g
        3. Focal length:25mm
        4. Pinhole diameter:0,15mm ( As of June 2020 ) 0,2mm prior
        5. f stop equivalent:167
        6. Orange view window for viewing the frame number with integrated sliding shutter.
        7. No off the shelf components, everything designed and made by ONDU or our local manufacturers.
        8. Camera is shipped with a wooden exposure card, 3D printed snap on filter that is compatible with 58mm threaded circular filters, a protective carry bag as well as an empty 120 film spool so you can load your camera immediately.

      • Exposure chart


The camera is meticulously handcrafted out of walnut, maple and ash wood right in our workshop ensuring the best quality possible. With the blend of minimalisticand functional design paired with fine woodworking this camera will last for generations. Every camera is finished with two coats of natural oils with beeswax and buffed to achieve a perfect satin feel, which also protects the camera from the elements. 
The camera features a standard tripod mount, horizontal and vertical field of view engraving lines for easier composition, direction of film winding engravings as well as a built in spirit levelling bulb.



Example shots made with the ONDU 6x6 Pocket camera


Taking a photo with a pinhole or even being in front of it is an experience all together, these are the things that make an ordinary day extraordinary. When you see the picture, you relive every aspect of that day thanks to that moment you took time to capture some light!