ONDU EIKAN 4x5" Standard

          • Imagine a camera that grows with you. The EIKAN is the realization of that concept. For years, I had been envisioning a design for a large format camera. However, I hesitated to bring it to life because it didn't offer any innovative solutions to the problems I wanted to address. That is, until I developed the modular system of the ONDU EIKAN Camera range.
          •  This camera serves as the perfect gateway to large format photography, allowing you to continually improve and nurture your creative flow over time. Its modular design empowers you to make enhancements and adapt the camera to your evolving needs. Whether you're a beginner venturing into large format imagery or seeking a lightweight setup, the Standard ONDU Eikan set is the ideal camera to start your large format journey.

          • By purchasing this item you are PRE-ORDERING one unit with exepected shipping end of JULY

              • Foldable design for easy transport and storage with rear vertical vertical lock which when disabled allows for an extra 20° of rear tilt useful when shooting wide angle lenses.    
              • Compatible with standard sheet film holders
              • Permanent magnets for secure attachment of the bellows and back
              • Graflock compatible with Lomograflok, and other graflock backs
              • Ground glass with a ground glass protector
              • Premium materials such as anodized aluminum and walnut wood for durability and unmatched design
              • Front zeroing locks
              • Zeroing indication for the bottom of the front standard
              • Precise focusing system with micro linear rails 
              • Dimensions: 210x210x100mm (including knobs), actual body is 185mm square
              • Weight: Approximately 1500g stanard |  1600g Range | 1970g Panoramikku 4x10". Actual weights fluctuate 50g +/- due to the nature of materials used. ( final weight might vary by a slight margin as well due to possible future features of the camera. )
              • Standard extension 320mm - 420 with the added Extension back module
              • Possible to convert into a dedicated 4x10" camera.
              • Handcrafted out of European Walnut and cnc cut aircraft grade aluminium.


              • Max Front Rise/Fall: 42mm / 40mm
              • Max Front Shift: 20mm
              • Max Front Swing: +/- 45º
              • Rear Tilt: + / - 20º
              • Max Front Tilt: +/- 45º
          • Exposure card

Modular design made to grow with you!