ONDU EIKAN 4x5 Camera - Kickstarter is now LIVE!


As your passion for photography expands, the Eikan camera has got you covered. With its interchangeable components and back options, you can customize the camera to suit your evolving needs. Need extra bellows extension for macro photography or longer focal lengths? Done. Want to transform it into a panoramic 4x10” camera? Also possible.

The camera system is comprised of three modules. 
Module 1: ONDU EIKAN 4x5" Standard - is the lightest version of the camera with a rigid back and movable front standard. Perfect for a lighweight setup that will undobtedly be a perfect fit for most large format ohotographic adventures.
Module 2: ONDU EIKAN 4x5" Range- shares almost all of the same features as the Standard with the exception of longer bellows and a rear sliding rail that enables the camera an extra 10cm or rear extension. Perfect for macro photography or longer focal length lenses. 
Module 3: ONDU EIKAN 4x10" Panoramikku - shares the same rear extension of the RANGE module with the addition of a few components and a new set of bellows enabling this module to convert the RANGE into the 4x10" Panoramic camera. 
All of the modules are interchangeable by removing and repositioninig a set of screws and replacing the magnetically attached bellows to suit your needs. 
As far as I'm aware this is the first such modular field camera that enables such flexibility and modularity in a lightweight and sleek package. 
Key technical features of the ONDU EIKAN 
  • Compatibility with Linhof boards for lenses
  • Foldable design for easy transport and storage
  • Magnets for secure attachment of the bellows and back
  • Graflock compatible with Lomograflok, etc.
  • Ground glass with optional Fresnel screen for precise focusing and composing, complete with a ground glass protector
  • Premium materials such as anodized aluminum and walnut wood for durability and aesthetics
  • Rear vertical lock enabling 20° of rear tilt
  • Front zeroing lock
  • Zeroing indication for the bottom of the front standard
  • Precise focusing system
  • Dimensions: 210x210x100mm (including knobs), actual body is 185mm square
  • Weight: Approximately 1500g for the standard version
  • Standard extension 320mm - 420 with the added Extension back module
  • Possible to convert into a dedicated 10x4" camera.
  • Handcrafted out of European Walnut and cnc cut aircraft grade anodized aluminium.
Graflock compatible
The camera is also compatible with graflock back modules that are available all over the world since many decades. One such new addition to the range has been the Lomography Lomograflock, for which I've designed a proprietary ground glass module for easier focusing with this particular unit. 


Photography has been my lifelong passion, and creating exceptional tools for fellow artists has been my mission. The Eikan represents the culmination of years of dedication and expertise, combining the timeless charm of large format photography with the versatility and modularity demanded by professionals and hobbyists alike. I believe that this camera has the power to unlock new levels of creativity and inspire countless breathtaking images.
With over a decade of camera-making experience and the support of an incredible community, We've earned a reputation for delivering exceptional photographic tools. The success of previous Kickstarter campaigns has fueled my drive to continue pushing boundaries and reimagining what's possible in the world of analog photography.